A mock-up screen showing the

Methodology: User Research, Wireframing, UX Design, Prototyping

Duration: 4 Days

Tools: Figma, Figjam by Figma, After Effects, Google forms, Invision Freehand

Results: Created a dynamic payment system, robust enough for crypto payments


The idea of Satoshi Nakamoto has proven to be revolutionary, making companies like Tesla, Microstrategy buy into the…

Login screens of the newly improved mobile application
  • Methodology: User Research, Wireframing, UX/UI Design, Prototyping
  • Tools: Figma, Illustrator, After Effects, Miro
  • Process: Review existing product and analyze community reviews on Google Play and the Apple App Store, then sketch and wireframe ideas, and finally design and prototype
  • Results: Improved user experience, gamified card request


With its head office…

A mockup screen of the design for web screens

Role: Lead Product Designer, Interactive Designer

Length: 6 weeks

Tools used: Figma, After Effects, Notion


UX Research

UI & UX Design

Style Guide & UI Component

Interactive Prototype


Since the advent of the Internet, the eCommerce market has grown to become a flourishing market and one that has seen…

Orezi Mena

I enjoy working with Businesses on Design, Products & Engineering to innovate, build and manage products that work using design thinking & methodology.

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